Welcome. I'm João Victor Duarte Martins. This is my personal web spot, home of my personal lab.

Blog Posts

07 Sep 2011 Experimenting with Aufs
05 Sep 2011 Simulating ssh tunnel using netcat
06 Nov 2010 Hello, World!


A DBus daemon to provide some urpmi package management services to clients in Mandriva environment, much like packagekit and apatdaemon. Most development was done to support Mandriva's mpm.
GetMonitor Xchat Script
Like 'AutoGet' and 'SDFind' for mIRC, this is a implementation of a IRC DCC File Server Leecher. Its command based is sufficient, and as I don't plan to work on it a GUI won't be implemented.


Music Samples Directory
Those are my electric guitar's samples I decided to publish on the web. Solos, licks and full music; for those who also plays some instrument and want to take opinions or trade some stuff.